Robert Klara

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Selected Essays & Reviews(click to download and enjoy)

“When New York City’s Lights All Went Out,” Christian Science Monitor

“Answer Man,” Navigator

“Farewell Hotel,” USAirways magazine

“It’s Time for Preservation on the Wrong Side of the Tracks,” Architecture

Selected History Features

“Hitler’s car exerts grim fascination even if it just gave the Führer a lift to the airport,” The Guardian

“The Pipes are Calling,” USAirways magazine

“Blood Ties,” New Jersey Monthly

“There’s No Place Like a Name,” New York Daily News

“No Turning Back,” USAirways magazine

Selected Railroading Features

“Woolen Wonders,” Classic Trains

“A Moveable Mansion,” Victorian Homes

“Doing the Locomotion,” Navigator

“The Wreck of the Federal,” Passenger Train Journal

“The View from the Train,” Adweek

Selected Travel & Place Writing

“Parisian Secret,” USAirways magazine

“The City at the Nation’s Front Door,” American Heritage

“Peachy Keen,” American Road

“The Riviera of Dreams” New Jersey Monthly

Saltair and “The Carnival of Souls” American Road

“Waxing Eloquent”: Behind the Scenes at Madame Tussaud’s U.S. Airways Magazine

Robert’s “Perspective” Department in Adweek

Tiffany’s iconic blue box

The puzzling case of Erno Rubik’s cube

How Canada Goose jackets got cool

The story of the Magic 8 Ball

How Sony’s Walkman changed music forever

Selected Business Features

“Something in the Air”: How stores use scent to get you to buy more

“The Exceptionally Good Taste of Danny Meyer”

“Who You Calling Gay?”: A history of homoerotic advertising

“Lucky Chang”: A Q&A with Chef David Chang

“Colorful, Quirky, Classic”: At home with Jonathan Adler

“American Aesthetic”: The Shinola story

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